Great Gifts: 3D Print These Useful Stocking Stuffers

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Great Gifts: 3D Print These Useful Stocking Stuffers

Even a small 3D printer is capable of making the perfect stocking stuffer items for everyone on your list. You can really cater to another’s needs and interests when you’re able to fully access the versatility of 3D printing, and with the rising popularity of 3D designs there’s a chance there’s already something out there perfect for the hobby or interests of your loved ones. So here are some small but useful items that can fit snugly into a loved one’s Christmas stocking.

For the Music Lover


Earbuds can be a pain to detangle, but this box and keychain design allows you to store your earbuds for easy, on the go travel. The earbuds tuck into the box and the wire gets wrapped around, making for a truly compact compartment.

For the Photographer


A pinhole camera is a lens-less camera with a small opening for projecting light into an otherwise light-proof box. This pinhole camera is great for experimenting with film and this 3D printed version offers cool features like a tripod mount, film clips, dual winding knobs, and more that aren’t typical of other pinhole kits or projects.

For the Cozy Breakfast Lover


Imagine a warm cup of tea and a jam covered scone on a chilly winter morning. With this handle from Project RE_, you can easily upcycle an empty jam jar into a mug perfect for the hot beverage of your choice.

For the College Student


Okay, this would really be a good gift for anyone who grocery shops. That’s just a bit too generic for the scope of this list, however, so I’m calling out college students who are new to doing their own grocery shopping and may live inconveniently far from where they need to park or catch a bus. Multiple trips are for the weak… or just those who don’t have this handy bag holder.

For the Youthful Menace


Originally designed for the 3D printed game of Seej, this compact coin crossbow is really ideal for anyone who just wants to fling a penny across the room. You could have a lot of fun honing your target practice with this toy.

For the Gardener

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 2.39.20 PM

While not immediately obvious as a garden accessory, these circular pot holders are a great way to hang potted plants for vertical growing. More vertical growing means more space for gardening, and what more could a gardener want?

For the Drone Enthusiast

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 2.42.12 PM

Some additional parts will be required to make this micro drone fly, but you can print the frame of this small quadcopter designed for racing. Designer Turbi incorporates O-rings to better isolate the circuitry from stresses caused by flight.

For the Tech Hobbyist


Printing a board case is the perfect way to tell someone that you care about the durability of their projects. While the case you choose to print will depend on the project and board preference of your recipient, we’re biased toward this Raspberry Pi Zero case designed by our own Matt Stultz.

For the business mogul


This small container is ideal for keeping business cards separated from all the other business junk that the business mogul in your life keeps in the pockets of his or her power suit (receipts for business transactions, probably). The basic design also lends itself well toward customization.

For the Sci-Fi Aficionado


You’ll find no shortage of 3D designs based on your favorite science fiction movies or TV shows, but we found the retro-futuristic design of this jointed robot adorable and classic at the same time. BeQui, as the robot is called, is poseable, so it can double as a phone stand or hold small, lightweight items.

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