How-To: Panorama robot camera rig

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How-To: Panorama robot camera rig


Building on some Kite Aerial Photography gear, Instructables user waldy made this rig to take panoramic photos automatically.


Maker Profile – Aerial Kite Photography on MAKE: television

6 thoughts on “How-To: Panorama robot camera rig

  1. stunmonkey says:

    A DIY Gigapan! Nice!

    I always liked the Gigapan idea, but as a consumer one-size-fits-all product it necessarily lacked some basic features and flexibility for the sake of simplicity in some ways, and was more complicated than necessary in others.

    I like the idea of a customizable and simple Gigapan style device, especially the scalability that can come of it.

    This needs some development, but now that it is in the public domain that will inevitably come with time. Just glad to see someone took the first steps.

    This just rocks.

  2. signal7 says:

    What is particularly annoying about this post is that there are no schematics. No explanation of how the camera is triggered. In short, no one could replicate this project with the information provided without having to reinvent various portions of it.

  3. lisa says:

    how do you make a simple robot for my kid Angelica.

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