Mounting Head to take 360° panoramic pictures

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Kalanda shared with us this project where you can take 360° panoramic pictures using this aluminum base, a traditional tripod and any camera you have at home. As you know, most of the digital cameras have already integrated this function, where it is possible to take two or more pictures and merge them into a panoramic one. So, what is the mounting head for? When we put the camera on a traditional tripod, it will generally let us spin 360° over the horizontal axis, and a little bit less on the vertical. The problem is that when we take pictures and we turn the camera, the spinning axis does not line up with the objective’s “nodal point”. This mounting head allows you to decentralize the camera from the trip, in order to line up both axis. You can visit the original blog for a thorough explanation and construction details. We hope you are practicing your Spanish with Make:en Español.

¡Gracias Kalanda!

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    Perhaps a “mounting head” not a “mountain head”?

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