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Our first year in Spanish!

Our first year in Spanish!


Congratulations, Spanish-speaking makers! We’re celebrating our first year of Make: en Español. And we hope to celebrate many more years...

Monthly best of Make: en Español


Fabricación de modelos navales con partes reutilizadas Se buscan Makers Jordi Muñoz, orgulloso Maker mexicano Arte Rupestre – (English) Tagtool...

TagTool goes partying


This at the “Saint Andrew’s strip” in Cholula. Felixe (Mexico) took his freshly baked TagTool to get some air in...

Rock Art


  “By the end of the 20th century and the millennium (1997), a new ecological and interactive art expression came...

Belizean boats in Cholula


Replicas of actual old boats and sailboats – Last photo: replica of engine boat Rum punch. Shermac is a Belizean...