These Hyper-Detailed Scratch-Built RC Cars Make You Question Reality

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These Hyper-Detailed Scratch-Built RC Cars Make You Question Reality


Attention to detail is something all model builders strive to accomplish when working on their new builds, which is obviously apparent in each of Headquake’s RC cars. The hobbyist recreates every minute detail found on real vehicles and transfers them over to his hand-built RC models.


Headquake’s builds usually start using 3mm PVC Komacel board that he uses for the exterior body, which he then contorts and sands into the desired shape. He then painstakingly handcrafts the models intricate details- guard rails, headlights and mirrors along with a host of other features to make the build just right.

Each piece is then individually hand painted in very fine detail. Window trim, vehicle dashboards and the vehicles body are all carefully painted so realistically that he even includes rust and other nuances to bring his builds to life. Unfortunately for us, Headquake’s RC cars are not for sale but his videos can give some talented builders a guide as to how he produces those striking models.


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