Weekend Watch: Laura Kampf Brings Artistry and Workshopping Together

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Weekend Watch: Laura Kampf Brings Artistry and Workshopping Together

Laura Kampf has only been making videos for her YouTube channel for a handful of months now, but she’s been spending most of her adult life living in (and working out of) workshops in Köln, Germany. As a former film editor, cinematographer, designer, and flight case builder, she’s amassed a particular set of skills that translate well into delightful build videos and gorgeous projects.

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While most of Laura’s builds tend towards the larger wood-and-metal working furniture projects, she really brings along a broad set of maker skills — welding, electronics, soldering, sign making, machining, and more. Her filmmaking background really shows through in the way she frames every shot and paces every cut. Not only do you get a clear picture of every step of the build, you also get a sense of where you are in her workshop – and where things are going next.

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One of my favorite things about Laura’s videos is that they don’t exist in a vacuum. She’s constantly using parts of her workshop as design elements – scribbling out a title sequence on her welding table or making notes on her workbench. And while these are intended to be seen in just one video, they’re permanent additions to her workshop, and they tend to crop up again and again in later projects. They’re delightful easter eggs, and wonderful reminders that you’re not just watching a one-off video, but something that’s part of a bigger narrative.

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In addition to her build videos, Laura also intersperses some VLog videos into her feed. She’s been using these to cover everything from her background, the way she organizes her workshop, and even spotlights some of her favorite music — most of which you won’t have heard of, so you might pick up a few recommendations there too.

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