Working Spy Camera Disguised as Wooden Camera Pendant

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Working Spy Camera Disguised as Wooden Camera Pendant


Despite its deceptive name NOT-A-CAMERA is, in fact, a functional camera conjured up by artist and NYC Resistor member Olivia Barr, which is disguised as a camera-shaped wooden pendant.

Its a REAL camera I designed to look like a 2D fake wooden camera and is only half an inch thick. It shoots in HD video or 3.5 mb jpgs.

The project came about as a gift for the artist’s 101-year old grandmother, who is an avid photographer, so that she could carry a camera around her neck that was light and easy to use.


Barr is now inviting artists to use her NOT-A-CAMERA and submit their images to a designated Tumbler. If you’re interested in procuring your own NOT-A-CAMERA, they’re available in her Etsy shop.


[via The Creator’s Project]


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