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I like these graffiti photoshop tools on top of this Berlin subway ad featuring three pretty ladies. It’s all there, too, the brush palette, the repeated clone stamp in the history window… subtle. Via Wooster Collective.

18 thoughts on “Photoshop wheatpaste

  1. Doctor Allen says:

    We are in the midst of an epidemic obesity crisis. The LAST thing we need is another attack on the ideal of feminine beauty.

  2. Photoshop wheatpaste bekathwia says:

    Right, instead we should widen the gap between what we see in real life and what we see in the media? Displays of digitally altered women only make it seem that more unattainable to get to a healthy weight, in my opinion. I think that it’s totally fair to criticize this “ideal,” no matter how obese the population may be.

  3. thePhallex says:

    i like how the top layer is named ‘****consume****’

  4. Doctor Allen says:



    That is exactly what we must do.

    Your opinion does not matter, and is, in fact, doing great harm. It would be in the best interest of everyone if well-meaning gaywad liberals would STFU.

  5. Photoshop wheatpaste bekathwia says:

    It seems as though you have just as much advice to give as these so called “gaywad liberals.”

  6. Doctor Allen says:

    I have a totalitarian fist to give.

  7. Peregrine says:

    First off… a liberal is the one who designed this image in the first place. At least, it definitely wasn’t a conservative.

    Second, it matters not who designed it, and for what reason. It also does not have any bearing on “unattainable” image. It is simply saying that no one in a magazine or billboard is ever as pretty as they appear. This is a good thing.

    You aren’t helping anyone by showing them images of unattainable beauty. There is no obese woman who looks at those images and thinks they now have a chance to be as beautiful as some over-glammed, over-sexed, over-trashed woman on the cover of a magazine. This is how EATING DISORDERS happen. Things like anorexia and bulemia are caused by this. Also, if you eat because you are depressed about your image… being bombarded with images of people prettier than you isn’t going to make you any less depressed.

    Images like this should be EVERYWHERE as far as I’m concerned. People need to understand moreso than ever, that the media is fucking with them. Nothing is ever attainable in advertising. The whole idea is that you’re being tricked into thinking something is better than it is. Furthermore, “obese” needs to be defined. Just because someone is bigger than Britney Spears doesn’t mean they are FAT. Besides, it’s a proven fact that women sized 14+ are not only happier, but have more sex.

    Obesity and health are two very different ideals in today’s society. There are many unhealthy diets out there, and many women becoming unhealthy just trying to lose weight. We don’t need people going on diets to look like the trash in magazines… we need less fucking McDonalds and Wendys.

  8. Doctor Allen says:

    No, it is commenting on the feminine ideal. Don’t you read this site? It’s an ongoing topic of interest. Across this and many left-leaning sites. Among COUNTLESS wannabe “serious” artists.

    Eating disorders affect a small percentage of women. Obesity affects close to 50%–and growing! Obesity is many times more lethal and contagious (I have studies to support every claim I make, so don’t be a smartass). There is also no healthy way to be obese.

    There are unhealthy ways to get thin. If you starve yourself in a misguided attempt to “look like a model”, ignorantly believing that models don’t eat right and don’t exercise, you are going to make yourself unhealthy. But, if you do it right, you’ll become…an athlete. There is no downside to attaining perfect physical health. GAINING body fat, on the other hand, is never good for you. You’re never going to become MORE healthy by putting on fat. There is no RIGHT way to do it.

    Unless you’ve got cancer, or maybe you live in the TUNDRA, there is no good reason to get fat.

    This is the message we need to send young people.

    We need the government to come out and say: Leftists like you are dead wrong. People need to lose weight.

  9. Doctor Allen says:

    By the way, I agree with you that we need less McDonalds and Wendy’s. I’d like to see those businesses seized by the government and turned into free health clinics. (No joking.)

    But the “toxic environment” that feeds obesity has much more to do with psychological/social/moral environment than people would like to believe. It’s not enough to just remove the physical products that cause obesity; people have to want to eat right. It’s not enough to just add physical objects like staircases and playgrounds; people have to want to use them. In my view, the Islamic fundamentalists are right about the Western world: We are a decadent culture, and we are bringing about our own destruction. We need a total makeover of our values.

    That means valuing ideals and virtue. No more wallowing in the mud of mediocrity. No more cutting down the ideal as if the ideal is decadent. You think three hour workouts are lazy and self-indulgent? It takes extreme dedication to look like a model, and those women deserve their elevated position in our society. If only all women worked so hard! Even if they don’t want to look like models, they can at least maintain a reasonable level of fitness and dedicate themselves to whatever work they do. Rosy the Riveter was no lardass!

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