Recycled Computer Wiring Dress From Tina Sparkles

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Last week was Austin Fashion Week, and there were some truly amazing garments and accessories featured all over town. One of my favorites was this fantastic dress from local designer, Tina Sparkles, called Systems Supernova. Tina created the dress for the Keep Austin Beautiful Recycled Fashion Show.

Made mostly of recycled computer wiring, the Systems Supernova dress addresses the growing problem of e-waste in American culture and explores the concept of systems thinking as it relates to our ecosystem. Each computer wire is situated in a closed loop system that interacts with all the other systems within the dress. Movement within one system influences other parts of the whole.

I find this picture of Tina working on the dress at her sewing machine over at the Stitch Lab quite inspiring! Read more about Tina’s work over on her blog.
Top image credit: Andrew Sterling of Sterling Images

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