Smile Crocodile!

Craft & Design

This crocodile softie from Laura at We Wilsons brings a big, toothy grin to my face. It’s sheer genius to take rickrack and a zipper and use them for what they are surely longing to be used for. Best of all, she’s offering the pattern for free if you upload a photo of something you made from one of her patterns to the We Wilsons Flickr pool!
The offer stands until December 14th, so hop on over to her site for her free tutorials (like the dust mitt tutorial, the swatch frog that uses every scrap of a fabric swatch, or her kangaroo pocket tutorial), or head over to her Etsy shop where you can buy her adorable patterns like this giraffe, this flying pig or this flip doll. If you’re feeling lazy, she even has some plush kits