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Dr. Who fans, prepare to swoon. Mayfaire Moon is creating a stunning Dr. Who corset, modeled after the TARDIS. The finished project will include lights and sounds and an interior that is “golden brown with brown hexagons stamped in rows vertically, like the control room.” There are some great in-progress pictures here. Thanks, Cariann! [via io9 and Nerdist]

10 thoughts on “TARDIS Corset

  1. Danny says:

    That is in fact a sonic screwdriver in my pocket, though I am happy to see you.

  2. Oraxia says:

    Looks a little tough to wear, but then again unless it’s also bigger on the inside, I wouldn’t be able to wear it anyway :P Very cool concept, though :D I love that she’s working so much detail into it!

    1. Scarlett - Corset Pattern Maker says:

      lol to Oraxia – nice tardis joke :D

  3. Jesse says:

    You guys should know that the creator of the Tardis corset will be putting on a fashion show at Dorian’s Parlor on September 11th. It will be held at the Double Tree in downtown Philadelphia. Feel free to check out more info at http://www.doriansparlor.com!!

  4. Suzi says:

    Take my money!!!!!!

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