The Knitted Engine

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This knitted engine is a project lead by artist Amy Twigger Holroyd of Keep and Share.

The Knitted Engine is a collaborative piece exploring the hidden similarities between engineering and knitting. While manufacturing and hand knitting have very different cultures, they share many common characteristics. Both require knowledge of making techniques and appreciation of material properties.
Thirty year 6 pupils from Coleshill Primary School toured the assembly hall at BMW Plant Hams Hall before joining four BMW apprentices to learn a range of textile skills, including hand knitting, crochet, french knitting, and finger knitting from artist-in-residence Amy Twigger Holroyd. Amy combined her textile craft knowledge with an understanding of the engine, shared by BMW associates, to design the components. The items were constructed collaboratively with each child’s contribution tracked via production tags.

See more pictures and read more about the project over on Keep and Share. [via @maxsworld]