Today on Maker Camp: Playing With Plastic and Raspberry Pi

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Today on Maker Camp: Playing With Plastic and Raspberry Pi


Today’s Maker Camp is another twofer. Starting at 11am PDT, we’re going to talk about vacuum forming, a process in which a sheet of warmed thermoplastic is shaped by placing it in a mold and applying suction. You can see it all around you, most prevalently in product packaging. Today, maker Adam Harris will show us the useful technique using a humble jar of peanut butter.

“Plastic vacuum formers are an important part of the prototyping process,” says Adam. “If you need a nice plastic robot body or custom case for a project you are doing, get your tools, ’cause this project is easy to build and fun to play with.”

Vacuum forming a car with a peanut butter jar.

If you want to take your new skills further, check out our kitchen floor vacuum former project.  

But wait! There’s more. After the morning hangout we’re going to check in with Raspberry Pi guru and MAKE contributing editor Matt Richardson at 2pm PDT for a special Pi workshop.

Peanut butter vacuum forming? Raspberry Pi projects? It must be Make: Believe week at Maker Camp. The fun happens right here on Google+.

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