Traffic barrel monster

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Traffic barrel monster


You may have seen this already, but this traffic barrel monster made me smile. Rawr!

18 thoughts on “Traffic barrel monster

  1. blubrick says:


  2. craig says:

    Yes, destroying city property is fun and creative. Wanna take down some stop signs next for your latest venture? Idiot!

    1. blah says:

      maybe I’m just too old, but I think about it this way, someone comes into where I work, takes the tools that I need to do my job safely (and keep others safe) makes something funny, and now I have to replace those tools, both take the time to replace them and pay for them.

      If he had gotten his own material and put it out like that, great, that’s funny. Take my stuff and make something funny, I’m pissed.

  3. Jack of Most Trades says:

    Wanna bet that 6 months from now you’ll see one of these “monsters”, created in your local highway garage, at the start of every workzone, holding a sign that says “Slow Down!”?

    shame the artist didn’t ask the DOT if they had any damaged barrels he could have, but I guess it’s not “guerrilla” enough if you don’t steal the stuff.

    1. screaminscott says:

      My first thought was that maybe the DOT built this or commissioned this. Then I read the article. What a disappointment!

      Did the kid really think he was going to get away with this? I mean, it’s one thing to steal something (road cone, barricade, etc) to keep for personal use. College students do it all the time. It’s illegal of course, but at least you’re not stupid enough to broadcast “hey I stole this stuff!”

  4. Pierce Nichols says:

    Stealing the barrels wasn’t cool… but the traffic barrel monster is awesome.

  5. Wes says:

    Actually a person at the contractors office commented that it might be useful in getting drivers attention and thereby they might even slow down. They were not interested in pressing charges against the student. The Raleigh Police did the arresting. Police work is a dangerous job, but sometimes they are their own worse enemies. Nothing but bad publicity in my opinion.

  6. rbean says:

    Turns out he has a flickr page:
    (check out the alligator)

    BTW in a lot of places, those barrels belong to private contractors.

  7. zof says:

    I agree a great idea but only if you use the proper channels, works like this would be great for areas were they have men working, put it just ahead of the work zone so people can admire it and at the same time realize this area has people working in it.

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