Weekend Watch: Becky Stern Makes Everything

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Weekend Watch: Becky Stern Makes Everything

Becky Stern has been a friend of Make for ages. She used to craft all kinds of things for us, before moving on to construct fantastic tutorials at Adafruit. Over the past year or so, she’s started putting a focus on her personal youtube channel and has been producing fantastic stuff ranging from tutorials on manicures to IoT projects. Above, you can see her most recent project, some embroidery to commemorate a pet that recently passed.

Becky sometimes delves into food and drink. In this case, she’s doing something I’d love to attempt at some point, which is working with pulled sugar to make candy. That inflated sugar ball is fantastic, though the result is a bit heartbreaking.

Of course, Becky doesn’t leave the electronics out of the equation. Here she makes a pretty cool bluetooth LED sign.

Aside from the fact that she jumps from medium to medium, I really like how she shares projects that range in complexity. There are things like making a fairly simple bracelet above, to the much more complex project of reupholstering her motorcycle seat.

The seat video is actually broken into 3 parts, here are part 2 and part 3.

I found this subscriber counter to be pretty amusing, though I’m not sure I would want that pressure on me all the time. I’d end up just sitting and staring at that if it were in my workshop!

Sometimes the crafting and electronics smash together in fantastic ways. This LED headpiece is particularly fun. No matter what kind of stuff you’re into, you should go check out Becky’s channel, I’d be willing to bet that there’s something there you’ll enjoy watching. You can also follow along with all of Becky’s info on Maker Share


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