Wii Gets … Crafty?

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crafty wii yarn game
We don’t have a Wii gaming system in our house, but this new game is the first thing that’s tempted me to change that. Kirby’s Epic Yarn™ is due out this fall, and incorporates a crafty look and feel to its graphics.

Kirby’s first console platform game since the Nintendo 64™ days introduces an amazing new look based on animated yarn and a world of cloth and textiles. The creative approach is woven directly into the game play and allows the ever-morphing Kirby™ to take on a variety of new forms.

The graphics are fun and charming, and it’s interesting to see what other cool crafty things they’ve worked into the game.

The look of the world is stunning, but it’s also interactive. Pulling on stray threads might reveal hidden areas. When Kirby literally goes behind the scenes, the virtual fabric warps and bends to show his location.

I still doubt we’ll be getting a Wii anytime soon, but I may have to pick this game up just to take to a friend’s house for some crafty gaming… [via @PlanetJune]

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