Better Off Dead Movie Fan Art Embroidery


As I was scrolling through Tumblr yesterday, I stopped cold on this image. I recognized it immediately from one of my all-time favorite movies, Better Off Dead. I only wish a giant wooden chalk holder went along with it! I’m putting this down as one of my favorite pieces of fan art ever.

6 thoughts on “Better Off Dead Movie Fan Art Embroidery

  1. megskathy says:

    I just found this blog and saw that and immediately recognized it! I love that movie and not enough people have seen it. I’ve even described that scene to people, but it’s just not the same. This is so amazing!! I love it!!

  2. Rachel Ernst says:

    I wonder if the fan will be charging 2 dollars. “I want my two dollars….”

  3. megskathy says:

    it would be cool if someone made a polymer clay hamburger with a spatula

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