Conan With His Crochet Blimp


Last month, I posted about fellow Austinite Allison of Crafty is Cool and her awesome crocheted Team Coco Blimp. She sent the blimp to Conan and last week he posted this rad picture of himself with it. Fun! I was excited to watch his first show on TBS last night, and hoped the crochet blimp might make an appearance. Not yet … but I’m still crossing fingers over here. Great work, Allison! Get the pattern to make your own crochet Conan blimp over on Crafty is Cool.

2 thoughts on “Conan With His Crochet Blimp

  1. CraftyisCool says:

    Thanks for posting this Rachel! This made my day/week/year! Loooove Conan :)

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