Cross-Stitch on Mesh


When you’re a needlearts person, you can’t look at a material with holes in it without thinking, “Hey … I could stitch on that!” I’ve seen stitching on window screens, and I’ve stitched on peg boards, so I love seeing this front porch sign in progress over on Stitch-Cook-Grow-Love. Lily took metal mesh and stapled it to the back of a large wooden frame, and is stitching a sign with strips of fabric. She gives some handy tips on what kind and size of fabric “thread” to use for stitching. I can’t wait to see the finished sign!
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4 thoughts on “Cross-Stitch on Mesh

  1. Tracy A. says:

    Inspires me to reconsider my screen door when the warm weather comes!

  2. sharon Lindquist says:

    Wow what a wonderful idea. I’m always looking for a cool new thing to give my sisters for gifts. I often give them things I make instead of buying.So many ways to use this application. the wheels are turning. thanks for the idea

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