Fabulous French Knot Monogram Project


For embroidery folks, the French knot tends to be a stitch you love or hate. (I’m in the “love” camp, primarily because of the trick I learned from Jenny Hart for fool-proof French knots) I love seeing French knots worked in interesting ways, because they create fantastic texture and depth, especially when they are used in high volume. That’s why I’m in love with this monogram project from Fourteen Countess. The way she worked the knots to coordinate with and accentuate the pattern in the fabric is just plain brilliant. My mind is exploding with ideas using this kind of application … [via Feeling Stitchy]

4 thoughts on “Fabulous French Knot Monogram Project

  1. PterodactylPants says:

    French knots are beautiful – as is this piece. They also make great broccoli – http://pterodactylpants.com/?p=1887.

  2. Erica Grizzard says:

    Hi Rachel,
    I took hand embroidery 1 from you @ stitch lab a couple of months back. This project is SO cute, and thanks to you, I can do a great french knot! I am going out of town for a week, and am headed to the fabric store to get the supplies to do this! SO cute!!

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