How-To: Knit Socks


Just last night, I was visiting with a friend who casually whipped out a work-in-progress knit sock from her purse. I marveled at the tiny, double-pointed needles poking out every which way, and was a bit intimidated by the whole thing. The latest videos from Lion Brand Yarn might help ease my fear a bit. They’ve just released a collection of six how-to videos for knitting a sock from the cuff down.

4 thoughts on “How-To: Knit Socks

  1. Blackjam says:

    I just taught my self the technique of making both socks at the same time on a long circular needle. I goes fast and you don’t end up not wanting to do the second sock ’cause you have all ready done it!!! It’s a bit confusing first but once you have it you can make any pattern work. I am on my second set of socks! I think that is what everyone is getting for Christmas this year :-)

  2. BuffaloGirls says:

    I am a filmmaker and an avid knitter. Check out my great video The Zen of Socks. You will learn how to knit and how to knit socks. Over 1 hour and 40 minutes visual instructions. Thanks for visiting.

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