How-To: Make a Neck Cooler

How-To: Make a Neck Cooler

The summer heat and humidity here in Austin is downright oppressive right now. Just yesterday (when it was actually cooler than the recent back-to-back triple digit days) I ventured downtown with the kiddos with a stylish folding fan in my hand, trying to whip up some kind of breeze. No luck. Even with the fan, I was sweltering. I kept thinking, “I need to look up how to make one of those neck cooler things that you soak in water, wrap around your neck and stay cool in the heat and humidity.” So it was with great surprise and a bit of serendipity that I stumbled upon The Small Object’s tutorial for neck coolers just last night. She shows how to stitch up a neck cooler and fill it with special, water-retaining crystals – just the trick to beating the heat. I’m off to make one right away. Hopefully it will help me survive the summer.

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    this is no how to.

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