Modern Log Cabin Quilting Blog Tour And Giveaway


We’re excited to be part of the Modern Log Cabin Quilting Blog Tour with longtime Craft contributor and friend, Susan Beal. Susan’s new book is a must-have for anyone looking to get started with quilting, or experienced quilters who want to add a modern twist to their work. As Susan did in Button it Up, she provides rich history and context on her subject. I loved learning about the practical applications that helped make log cabin quilts so popular in the 1800s.
Susan goes on to describe variations on the Log Cabin block, and includes incredibly detailed directions for how to piece each kind. As someone who has never made a quilt before, I found her instructions to be very clear and thorough and easy to follow. I must admit, I’ve always been a bit intimidated by quilting, but Susan’s thoughtful writing makes me feel like I could actually tackle this craft after all.
Once the foundation for block building has been laid, Susan follows through with a collection of charming projects ranging from beginner to expert skill levels and for everything from home decor to accessories. I love the bright and cheery Vintage Linens and the simply beautiful Northwest Modern Quilt. The Block Pocket Apron would make a great hostess gift, and the Recylced Cords Pillow could be a great way to piece together scraps of baby clothes as a sweet keepsake.
Modern Log Cabin Quilting is a lovely book filled with inspiration and encouragement in Susan’s trademark style. If you’re looking for a fresh approach to traditional quilting, this is it.
Folks in Portland, Oregon will have the opportunity to meet Susan at a couple of events this weekend. On Saturday, April 2, Susan will be at Modern Domestic for a book signing and Make Your Own Quilt Block event from 5 to 6 pm. On Sunday, she’ll be at the world famous Powell’s bookstore for a book signing at 4 pm. See more information about these and other Modern Log Cabin Quilting events over on Susan’s blog.
Giveaway Time!
One of our lucky readers will win a copy of Modern Log Cabin Quilting! Simply leave a comment below and share a quilting memory you have or a quilting goal you’re working on, and we’ll select one winner at random. Comments will remain open until 10AM CST on Saturday, April 2, and we’ll announce the winner here on the blog on Monday.

114 thoughts on “Modern Log Cabin Quilting Blog Tour And Giveaway

  1. skwheeler09 says:

    I just finished my first quilt ever. It was a rag quilt and the repetition was so soothing that I’ve decided to start another! I would love to learn more about quilting and become a more avid quilter!

  2. bobbi says:

    Love the idea of this book — taking something traditional and making it modern. I am loving the “Modern Quilt” movement. We’re trying doing our part down here in Austin, Texas with the Austin Modern Quilt Guild.
    I’ve been quilting for the past 15 years in my free time, but I’ve actually never made a traditional log cabin block!

  3. jumpyjodes says:

    ohmygosh i’d love to win this! i’m trying to learn quilting this year, and i need all the help i can get!

  4. ShirleyDee says:

    I am working on my first quilt – 8 pointed stars. Needless to say I should have paper pieced it but I haven’t tried that yet. Everyone tells me a log cabin quilt would have been a good starter quilt. Maybe if I win this I will do a log cabin project next!

  5. Christy says:

    I wish I were a better quilter but am still learning. My boyfriend’s mother makes wonderful quilts. We have one at our place that she made for him when he went to college. It’s so great!

  6. 16thandChelsea says:

    I’ve been obsessing over quilts lately, and this giveaway could not have come at a better time! I’ve been sewing for years, but I’ve never made a quilt. I’m interested in making one for a few of my family members in the near future.
    I’ll keep my fingers crossed that I’m chosen! ;o)

  7. Smarmalade says:

    I’ve always wanted to learn how to quilt, so this year, I decided to really do it. I gave myself a New Year’s resolution to make a quilt each month. So far, I’m actually keeping up with it. I would love to get some new ideas!

  8. Teresa says:

    I’ve only done a little quilting myself. I’ve pieced and cut for my sister – she’s the real quilting wiz and I would love to be able to give this book to her.

  9. noodlesnbean says:

    A friend made my daughter a rag quilt when she was born. She loved it so much that when my son was born, my mother and I learned to make one for him. I have since made one for a friend’s baby. I have enjoyed it so much, it has inspired me to want to try more quilting. This book looks amazinq!

  10. Shana says:

    My very first quilt was a log cabin! I’d love to make a more modern version, and this book looks amazing!

  11. Kate @ Needle and Spatula says:

    This books looks fabulous! I am hoping to make a number of baby quilts this spring – one down, (at least) two more to go. I’m having fun experimenting with different designs on a small scale!

  12. Cakewalk New Orleans says:

    Oh, that book looks great! I’m working on a crazy quilt garland right now! I’m almost done and thinking of my next project.

  13. Christy says:

    I’m only learning quilting now, inspired by my boyfriend’s mother whose been sending me supplies. We have a quilt at our place that she made years ago and it’s just lovely!

  14. Ivy says:

    I’ve made two beloved amateurish quilts, and I look forward to a spiffier third! Great idea for a book.

  15. Jen says:

    I am taking my first quilting class on Monday at the Stitch Lab in Austin, TX. I am super excited and can’t wait to get started. Though I have pieced items together before, I have never been able to complete a project from start to finish because I was intimidated by finishing up the quilt. My goal is to complete my first quilt from start to finish. This book looks like it has some wonderful modern designs that might be simple enough for a beginner like me.

  16. lmleb says:

    Would love this book! I’ve got another book from Susan…easy to follow!

  17. brigit222 says:

    I am a new stay at home Momma and I have been drooling over this book since Susan started blogging about it! I would love to start making quilts with all of my leftover scraps from the baby clothes I’ve been crafting. I love the fresh approach to such a traditional craft. I have never made a quilt before but I am sure with Susan Beal as my guide my first quilt will be amazing!

  18. Cakewalk New Orleans says:

    Oh, that book looks great! I’m working on a crazy quilt garland right now! I’m almost done and thinking of my next project.

  19. junie12e says:

    Love quilting, but need additional inspiration. Would love to win this book to learn more! Thank you :)

  20. Littletoe says:

    I am a novice quilter, but I am so inspired by all the beautiful modern quilts and fabrics. I would love to make one of the quilts from this book.

  21. mama4jc says:

    One quilting goal would be to finish this queen sized quilt before the baby comes…and the baby is due early May! Gotta get moving! :)

  22. Laura says:

    I started a baby quilt a while ago that is just languishing in the closet. This would be great inspiration to finish!

  23. Callie Karen says:

    My grandma and my great aunt Edith are my memories of every quilt I own.

  24. BrightStreetGeo says:

    I am just a few weeks away from finishing up a long slog of adoption paperwork and preparation. When my husband and I jump through the final hoop (Cinco de Mayo is our deadline) I am going to be ready to party! Think I’ll start by making the two most gorgeous baby quilts on the planet! I’ve got beautiful fabric from India all ready to go, and I think a variation on a log cabin quilt would be excellent. Hope I win this wonderful giveaway. You can be part of my celebration!

  25. Emily says:

    I’ve been following the “blog tour” of this book a few places! Looks great. I’m hoping to figure out how to use my frame and quilt on that. That’s my goal. :)

  26. says:

    I’ve been in love with this book since I first saw it in a friend’s Flickr stream…I really have to order a copy! I love traditional quilts re-imagined with a modern sensibility.
    I first learned to quilt from my grandmother. I went to university in the city where my grandparents lived, so I would spend sunday afternoons at their place, quilting with my grandmother and then eating a wonderful sunday roast before heading back to residence. I live a few hours away from them now, but whenever I see my grandmother we talk about our current projects!

  27. lesliewilliams says:

    I am currently working on finishing a quilt for my mom. It’s the Denyse Schmidt Single Girl Quilt and it’s taking me forever b/c I want it to be perfect for her. The more I read this book tour the more excited I get about this book.

  28. Stephanie C. says:

    My goal is to finally FINISH one!

  29. codysmomuk says:

    I have always been amazed at the beauty of quilting and quilts in general and I am so intimidated. I have been hearing about T-shirt quilts and I think that would be a good place to start. Especially since I have a bunch of T-shirt from high school and my 11 years in the Navy that I never wear. I just can’t get rid of them and it seem like a great idea to use them.

  30. EdaMommy says:

    My great grandmother gave me a handmade quilt top she made, just for me. When I feel — worthy – I’d love to finish it.

  31. ikisti says:

    I’m just beginning in quilting and would love to learn more about the log cabin quilts.

  32. says:

    My mom is a quilter and the log cabin is one of her favorite patterns to use! When my middle son was born, we co-designed his baby quilt based on a log cabin variation. The quilt incorporated fabrics my sister had dyed. It was a family affair – a great quilt! I’d love to give her this book in honor of all the love she’s poured into quilts for our family.

  33. says:

    My goal is to finish a quilt! I have 5 started but fear of binding is keeping me from finishing any! Never made a log cabin though so this book would be fabulous!

  34. befadee says:

    My mom recently pulled out a quilt she started in the mid 60’s and never finished. It’s on my list of upcoming projects to finish it for her as a surprise!

  35. wordygirl says:

    Seeing the pocket on that apron reminded me of two log cabin crafts my grandmother made. She made two different pillows, one for me and one for my cousin. Creating one large log cabin block, she turned it into a pillow and then into a cat pillow–adding ears, eyes, embroidered face and tail to it. The other was made up of several smaller log cabin blocks, which she made into little pillows, sewed together in a row, and then added small felt feet and a face to make a caterpillar. How did I forget about that? What a sweetie she was, always careful to be sure the long-distance granddaughter (me) did not feel left out.

  36. miss_shell says:

    …from recycled thrift store shirts and other random bits of fabric I’ve collected, which I’m making up as I go along. It’s my “playtime” quilt that I work on when I’m not trying to finish a Plain Spoken quilt for my bed. Susan’s book would be a great guide–love the cover quilt.
    Craft on!

  37. Morgan says:

    My quilting goal is to finish two quilts that I’ve had sitting around for like 4+ years now!!
    Thanks for the giveaway! This book looks beautiful. I especially love the quilt on the cover!

  38. Morgan says:

    My quilting goal is to finish two quilts that I started about 4yearsago!
    Thanks for the giveaway. This book looks beautiful! I especially love the quilt on the front cover!

  39. Andrea says:

    this book looks fantastic! my sister-in-law is getting married this summer, and i would love to make her a quilt as a wedding gift…this book might be just what i need to get started! thanks for the opportunity to win!

  40. malilies says:

    I really want to make a quilt for my grandfather’s 80th birthday…this might just be the book I need :D

  41. Morgan says:

    (Sorry- I posted twice accidentally! I feel dumb!)

  42. Laura K says:

    I’d love to have this book to work with! I’m in the process of machine-quilting my first quilt, and when I’m done with that, I have another project to work on – I was recently asked to make a memory quilt for a friend who lost her husband. I’d love to have a new book of ideas to work with!!

  43. JenniM says:

    I have two blank walls in my house and one in my office that are just waiting for fun, fresh, modern quilts. I’ve made several more traditional bed quilts, but looking forward to trying something a little more modern. Thanks!

  44. MongoTheGeek says:

    I want to make a quilt which is simple but still complex. Perhaps dichromatic.

  45. sara says:

    I have just finished my second quilt and it’s beeeeautiful! My grandmother was an inspirational quilter. She made a storybook quilt with embroidered storybook characters. She really loved Beatrix Potter, so there are quite a few of her characters in the quilt, but also Raggedy Ann and Andy and nursery rhyme characters. It’s lovely.
    What a great idea for a book!

  46. Amy says:

    Love that cover photo. Awesome! Have far too many projects ongoing, but some version of a log cabin is often where I begin. A current goal is the completion of a birthday “year” project in the next two months.

  47. CaitlinGracie says:

    This book looks great! Thanks for the giveaway! I am a very beginner quilter. I am still working on piecing!

  48. ilively says:

    I have a 1930’s double wedding ring quilt that was ‘gifted’ to me by my father-in-law in a trunk of his late wife’s (my late MIL) quilting items. My goal is to smooth out the ‘blousing’ and to have it quilted.
    it’s all 1930’s fabrics … and hand stitched. I will be more ‘modern’ with my quilting by having it machine quilted; however, I have thought of finding some Amish/Mennonite women in the community near Belleville, PA who would be willing to hand quilt it for me.

  49. sea_shtick says:

    Just finished setting up my sewing space in my new apartment, now I can’t wait to graduate from college in May and finally have time to finish my second quilt!

  50. Tina says:

    My favourite quilty memory is actually quite fresh. Last week I got to attend the Infinite Variety show in NYC and it blew. me. away. I’m so inspired to make myself a quilt!

  51. cynthia says:

    I took a class and made my first quilt last year, I used different cupcake fabrics. My next project will be a t shirt quilt for my sister who is growing up and doesn’t need to wear her oversized shirts anymore.

  52. tshaw6580 says:

    I am just finishing a quilt for my niece. It is what she asked me for as a wedding present, it just makes it more special.

  53. Dawn says:

    The first quilt I ever made was for my first boyfriend and was made completely out of scraps my mom had laying around – a true scrap quilt. I found out not long ago he still has that quilt, some 24 years later and it’s been halfway across the globe and back. Oh, and it’s worn out in some spots, so would I fix it, please?

  54. Emmakat says:

    I still haven’t made a quilt yet, but I really want to get into it & this book is just my style!

  55. Emmakat says:

    I still haven’t made a quilt yet, but I really want to get into it & this book is just my style!

  56. ShiningStar says:

    My quilting goal is to learn to quilt. Once I learn I want to make an Underground Railroad Quilt and a 1930’s Wedding Quilt.

  57. Dee says:

    I’m a quilting newbie so this book would be a great starting point for me. When my boys were little I did hand quilt around their hand prints to make some festive holiday potholders for the grandmas.

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