Stitched Pencil Cup


I love when people find inspiration to stitch on everyday objects that weren’t necessarily intended for stitchery. Camilla of Family Chic transformed an inexpensive IKEA pencil cup with some yarn and a tapestry needle. It’s fun to play with different stitches and design, and would be easy to unthread and change out when you get tired of your current stitches. A couple of summers ago, I did a similar thing on my mesh bicycle basket. Feather and blanket stitches worked particularly well, and I love seeing the colorful embroidery while I’m riding. What other everyday objects can you think of that would work well for stitchery?

2 thoughts on “Stitched Pencil Cup

  1. Candice says:

    Window and door screen jump first into my mind. A great way to reuse old screen or leftover pieces from a home improvement project.

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