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Your Crafty Comments
It’s time again to share some of the great feedback we’ve received here on the blog, on Twitter and Facebook. Let’s get right to it!
This Star Trek diaper cover was a huge hit with readers, and I love that some folks caught the Redshirt reference.
From Andrew Lewis on Facebook:

eek! Consider the dangers of making them in red…. One away mission, and you could be facing disaster!

I loved this post from Arwen of a mending job that shows just how beautiful mending can be. Kelly Hogaboom chimed in and shared a skirt she mended for her daughter in a similar fashion. I love that it was a collaborative effort between mother and daughter.

Those are lovely! My 8 year old daughter recently shredded parts of a linen/rayon dress I’d just sewn up – she apologized then helped me in patching them by selecting the fabrics to mend them. I double-patched on both sides of the dress and free-motion stitched them down. Very fast and sloppy but it did the job and she loves it.

A few days ago, I posted this hilarious video from Sister Diane of Crafty Pod on our Facebook page, and received all kinds of great responses. Diane shares what craft supplies she’s no longer allowed to acquire because she already has too much of them. Crafters readily identified with Diane’s video and offered up their craft supply confessions.
Staci M Rizner said:

Trims. A thrift store gallon zip of vintage trims for a dollar is def going home with me to its tribe of brightly attired friends. I think I am trying to collect all that is left in the world.

Yarn was another frequent supply-overload offender. Debbie L Luttrell writes:

Synthetic fiber yarn. I have an entire closet crammed to the max with it, and all I use these days are cotton, and wool. I could name a great number of other craft supplies that I never use, and have tons of, but I’ll stop at one.

I kind of have to agree with Katy Colburn’s supply addiction:

This might sounds strange, but my weakness is tools. Every time I see some little too that’s just nifty or “will make blahblah so easy” I just have to grab it. I might use it once then stash it away. I don’t even know what some of them are for anymore!

Shari Stithem Rivenburgh shares an idea for curbing the craft supply situation:

I think I have found the cure, ladies & gents! For me & my fabric hoarding, it has. I got a job at a fabric store. I get to touch & cut & help people shop ALL DAY. Been there two months & have been able to resist buying (so far)!

What are your craft supply addictions?

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