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Your Crafty Comments
It’s been another great week for comments from our readers here on the blog, Facebook and Twitter, so let’s get right to ’em!

Katie Goodman shared some fantastic tips for freezing food in her post on Wednesday. Several related tips popped up in the comments from readers, like this one from screaminscott.

I use a similar method for silver-dollar sized pancakes.
I let the pancakes cool and then place about 6-9 of them in a single layer on wax paper. Then I place wax paper over the top and put down another layer and repeat until I run out of pancakes.
Then I put them all in a large ziplock bag and use the ‘straw’ method to suck all the air out.
The wax paper keeps them from sticking together as they freeze, so you don’t have to freeze them as a separate step from packaging. Eventually, I just pull all the paper out the next time I get a few pancakes out to microwave for my son before school.

I loved seeing Katie’s post about Charley Harper, whose work is always inspirational in both color and style. Over on Facebook, Emily Holtrop, tipped us off to the fact that the Cincinnati Art Museum is currently showcasing Harper. Be sure to check it out if you are in the area.

This is great. Love Charley Harper. Just an FYI, the Cincinnati Art Museum is currently showing his works from The Ford Times-

It’s always fun to hear from the artist themselves when we post their work, so it was great to see Abigail Doan chime in to respond to comments from readers on Facebook regarding her Fiber Forms.

Love this feedback. Thanks, CRAFT readers. The ‘regurgitated’ quality is actually intentional as a lot of the fiber that I use is recycled household materials and even drifting street ‘flotsam’. I am always looking for new ways that illustrate how debris might co-exist in one, newly crafted organism. You can follow me here as well:

DIY  Bride Crafty Countdown cover.jpg
Even one of our giveaways inspired some beautiful and thoughtful comments. This story from “K” on the DIY Bride Crafty Countdown book review was especially touching.

The man I am going to marry is on the other side of the continent right now, and is going to be on tour in Russia in the coming months. I can’t go with him, and it’s going to be a long, painful wait. I am already using crafting ideas for our wedding as a means of passing the time and feeling closer to him (Great timing on the month’s theme, CRAFT!), and the more idea sources I have, the better. It’s something I can do for both of us, and sharing my projects shows him that even though he’s not with me, I still love him, and want him, and look forward every day to the time when we’ll finally be together again. Help me fill my time with a labor of love?

As usual, there were generous doses of humor in comments, which we love. One of my favorite laugh-inducing comments came from Facebook fan, Gail Garvey, in response to Goli’s post about the gorgeous cicada wing earrings from Sudlow Jewelry. There were several comments from folks who remembered living in Cincinnati during a cicada infestation. While everyone seemed to agree on the beauty of these earrings, Gail summed up the response to living through an actual cicada infestation in a pretty hilarious way.

The 17 yr cicadas are the vuvuzelas of the insect kingdom.

Thanks again for all the great feedback. We love hearing from you!

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