12 More 3D Print Projects for Halloween

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Here comes Halloween, and for us Makers that means all the more reason to make things. Making is always better than going out to buy something mass produced, it’s better for the environment and more satisfying for you. Whether it’s for your epic haunted house, Halloween party, or just decoration, here is a list of things to 3D print for this Halloween!

Zombie Cup of Doom

Creepy prints for halloween: Zombie Cup of doom
Design by Shawn Grimes, Photo by Cameron Mira

“Oh sure, I’ll have some cider, thanks! Oh wha— you trying to scare me, or start the zombie apocalypse!? That’s not funny!” Print Shawn Grimes’ zombie cup from Thingiverse.

Breathing Pumpkin


This looks like your average pumpkin during the day, but at night when you light it up from inside, it reveals its darker self! Print them in various sizes and colors, then strew them around for extra creepiness. If you want you can even paint them.

Jack-O-Pus (or is it an OctoLantern?)

Creepy prints for halloween: jack-o-pus
Photo by UrbanatWork

OctoLantern is definitely an odd way to illuminate things. In the dark it just looks like a regular creepy jack-o-lantern… and then you realize it has tentacles.


Creepy prints for halloween: Skull-8
Photo by Mageli

This guy looks like the skull of a dead robot. Now you can scare even the Roomba of the house.

8-Bit Zombie

Creepy prints for halloween: 8-Bit-Zombies
Design by Digtem, Photo by Cameron Mira

With these 8-bit zombies, you can cause some fright that even an early computer can understand.

Dark Mask

Creepy prints for halloween: Dark Mask
Design by bqLabs, Photo by Cameron Mira

This epicly scary mask becomes even creepier when you print it in black and add some dramatic lighting. Add an elastic string and wear it to your costume party.

Glow-in-the-Dark Haunted Graveyard

Creepy prints for halloween: Haunted Graveyard
Photo by Makerbot

Someone thought it was a good idea to bring the graveyard into the house, but you better not bring that into my room.

Vampire Bat

Creepy prints for halloween: Vampire Bat
Photo by Yeg3D

No Halloween would be complete without bats, and what better bat than a vampire?  I mean, look at that face!

Shrunken Head

Creepy prints for halloween: Shrunken Head
Design by Cerberus333, Print and Photo by lanceman

Oh yes, shrunken heads. Paint, add some hair, maybe preserve it floating in a jar. Any way you spin it, this is just downright creepy.

Ghostbusters Slimer

Creepy prints for halloween: Ghostbusters Slimer
Design by MustangDave, Print and Photo by Brian33433

Who doesn’t think slimer is creepy? Just look at that never ending double chin.

Alien Babies in Jar

Creepy prints for halloween: Jar Babies
Photo by WGSS

Take a look at these little guys. Whether they’re your run of the mill alien or something a bit more sinister, they’re totally haunted house worthy. Add a bit of paint, put them in a jar, and you’ve got yourself the creepiness I’m sure not looking for.

Ghost Emoji

Creepy prints for halloween: Ghost Emoji
Design by RubyBot, Photo by Cameron Mira

This guy is just a sure delight in my opinion. Now I can sleep safely knowing I have a friendly ghost protecting my house.

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