3D Print This Simple Tool Now, To Help Local Sewists Make More Masks for Covid-19

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For those of you who want to help, and have a 3d printer standing by, consider printing bias tape jigs for your local sewing groups.

This simple little piece of plastic helps someone fold a strip of cloth together for sewing, and contributes to a good portion of a cloth face mask. You can print out a plate of these and deliver them to local sewing groups to help them produce masks much faster and easier.

This tip came in from Pete Prodoehl in Wisconsin (Maker Faire Milwaukee!), who has been churning them out like crazy and says they’re in high demand.

I am currently printing them and putting in a box on my porch and sewers keep coming to get them to speed up mask making.

He says that the local groups (1, 2) have been using them like crazy. He’s recommending the 4cm version, and even mentioned that if demand keeps up he would possibly consider shipping.





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