Building a Braille Smartphone

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Building a Braille Smartphone

The first prototype !
The first prototype !

One fine day, after watching a popular TV show about people with disabilities, I got an idea of building a smartphone for the blind that is completely Braille based. With absolutely no hint of how to make it, I started working on it. I teamed up with one of the most amazing guy I know, Vidit and after overcoming a lot of issues, we built it!

The phone does not use any voice support for its operation and is completely Braille-based. Using the applications on the phone the user can send and read email, read and post tweets from Twitter, use phone-book to retrieve and store contacts, read books from memory card etc. And this isn’t all, more apps as a part of the software can be added to the phone further increasing the possibilities.

At the core of the phone is Arduino Mega board with a GSM module, fitted in a 3D printed case. On the top is an embossed touchscreen for input and below the phone is a actuator controlled Braille cell. Currently we are working more on the phone to make it more awesome.


I gave a talk on the phone atTEDxSushantLok.

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