Download and Print This Light-Up Mace for Cosplay

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Download and Print This Light-Up Mace for Cosplay
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I’ve seen tons and tons of 3D printed cosplay weapons, but I have to admit that this is the first 3D printed mace (actually a morningstar) that I’ve seen. It may not be the first, but then again, since this one lights up from within, it may actually be some new creation.

Noe Ruiz at Adafruit designed this and included a variety of 3d printed materials. There is cork, stainless steel, and of course PLA. If you were printing this at home, you could obviously just use a single material for everything but, as Noe points out, the different materials really do give this a different feeling in your hand.

As usual, Noe’s overview is incredibly detailed and clear. He gives you the files to print, and walks through the assembly and circuit construction at a perfect pace.

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The mace also makes an appearance in Noe’s tutorial series Layer By Layer, where he teaches you how to design for 3d printing. In this case, he’s going over some of the features in Autodesk Fusion360 that he finds indispensable.

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