MakerBot Replicator 2 Now Shipping From the Maker Shed!

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MakerBot Replicator 2 Now Shipping From the Maker Shed!

The MakerBot Replicator 2 is now available in the Maker Shed! MakerBot’s latest machine won one of three Best in Class awards in our Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing and is a fantastic all-around printer. MakerBot clearly put a lot of effort into making this machine approachable to everyone – the instruction manual will have you extruding within fifteen minutes and printing your first part in under half of an hour!


Unlike all of MakerBot’s previous models, the Replicator 2 is optimized for printing with PLA plastic, which is generally easier to work with than ABS. PLA is also biodegradable, has a lower melting point, and is great for printing large objects since it doesn’t require a heated build platform to prevent warping. The unheated, acrylic platform on the Replicator 2 pops right off so you can easily remove your parts.


After spending a few weeks with this machine, I started to notice a few other improvements over the original Replicator – there’s now a cold pause feature that allows you to step away from the machine for extended periods, the build platform itself is 37% larger, and the on-board interface is quicker to respond to button presses. With the help of the new extruder mounted fan, the Replicator 2 is capable of printing some impressively complex parts.


The Replicator 2 is in stock and shipping from the Maker Shed warehouse. Assuming our stock holds out, your printer will ship within 24-48 hours of placing the order.


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  1. your3dcenteran says:

    Saw the Replicator 2 in the Markerbot store opened in New York and I must say, it’s exciting seeing it do its thing. A bit too expensive for a casual market (those who can afford it of course) but if people love this stuff and want to experiment they should try it.

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