MAKE’s 3D Printing Book for Kids: LEO the Maker Prince

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MAKE’s 3D Printing Book for Kids: LEO the Maker Prince

LEO Cover

The first kids’ book on 3D printing from MAKE is out. Earlier this month, we shared an interview (Let’s Talk 3D Printing with Children) with the author, Carla Diana. Carla’s book is now available at Maker Shed and from booksellers everywhere.

3D printing isn’t magic, but if you sit some kids down in front of a 3D printer and turn them loose on some simple design software, you’ll swear it’s not of this world. LEO the Maker Prince: Journeys in 3D Printing brings its own magic to kids. Written for young readers, parents, teachers, artists, and designers, LEO takes a fanciful, beautifully illustrated trip through the emerging technologies that allow anyone to become a maker. Best of all, each of the objects featured in the book are 3D printable, their instructions available for free download.

LEO the Maker Prince, along with our just-released Make: 3D Printing and Make: Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing 2014, is just one of the many 3D printing-related items you can find on the Maker Shed.


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