Review: Bukobot 8 V2 Duo 3D Printer

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Review: Bukobot 8 V2 Duo 3D Printer
Bukobot 8 V2 Duo 3D Printer: Tweakable design, multi-material capabilities, and great technical support.
Image by Brian Kaldorf.

Bukobot 8 v2 Duo |

  • Price as Tested $1,499 (kit)
  • Build Volume 200×200×200mm
  • Bed Style Heated
  • Temperature Control? Yes
  • Materials ABS, PLA, Nylon, Polycarbonate, PVA, HIPS, TPE
  • Print Untethered? SD card, OctoPrint compatible
  • Onboard controls? No
  • Host Software Cura
  • Slicer CuraEngine
  • OS Mac, Linux, Windows
  • Open Software? Third-party software
  • Open Hardware? Auxiliary design files: CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

Slic3r + Repetier-Host preformed better than Cura. To dial in the machine, use online forums and technical support.
Tweakable design, multi-material capabilities, and great technical support.

The BukoBot 8 v2 Duo kit (sent to us assembled) seems largely unchanged from the single extrusion machine we reviewed last year, apart from the addition of a second Spitfire extruder. With its hackable, RepRap-style design (STL/ DXF files available), it doesn’t look like a beginner’s machine and that’s probably a good thing.

Performance-wise, the Bukobot 8 v2 Duo did not work as well as might be expected during the Shootout testing weekend. Initially I tried to use Cura as instructed in the documentation, but the configuration files from the Deezmaker website repeatedly crashed the program. Manually configuring Cura did not fare much better for me, so instead I opted to use legacy Slic3r profiles downloaded from the Bukobot site. These profiles printed well, scoring respectable marks on the Accuracy, Backlash, and Bridging probes.

This machine landed roughly in the middle of the pack after two days of intensive testing, but its pedigree and construction suggests it could do much better.

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