Review: DeeGreen 3D Printer

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Review: DeeGreen 3D Printer
DeeGreen 3D Printer: Quiet, with very reliable automatic bed leveling.

DeeGreen  |

  • Price as Tested $2,025
  • Build Volume 150x150x150mm
  • Bed Style Unheated glass
  • Temperature Control? No
  • Materials PLA, PVA
  • Print Untethered? SD Card, unplug USB
  • Onboard controls? Yes
  • Host Software DeeControl
  • Slicer DeeControl integrated CuraEngine
  • OS Mac, Windows
  • Open Software? No
  • Open Hardware? No

For every print, clean the build plate and reapply glue stick, remove with scraper.
Automatic bed leveling, quiet enclosed build area, autostop safety features.

With an all-metal frame wrapped up in clean aluminum-polymer sheets, be3D’s fully enclosed DeeGreen is a consumer-centric printer with a touchscreen and fully automatic bed leveling (its best feature).

Each print starts with the servo-actuated, limit-switch sensor swinging down. The pointed tip on the sensor touches numerous spots on the glass build plate, then swings back up and the print begins with an extruder-priming bed wipe.

The auto-leveling was extremely reliable throughout the testing, but the unheated, removable, magnetic glass platform needs preprint glue stick application. Postprint, that glue can also make removal tough.

Although the printer uses premium materials, our review unit’s touchscreen was falling into the machine, and one of the acrylic windows fell off. Print quality was at the low end of printers tested, but it was one of just five printers to pass both mechanical tests.

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