Review: Print-Rite CoLiDo 3D Printer

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Review: Print-Rite CoLiDo 3D Printer
Print-Rite CoLiDo 3D Printer: This “clone” runs G-code.
Image by Brian Kaldorf.


  • Price as Tested $799
  • Build Volume 225×145×150mm
  • Bed Style Heated aluminum, glass sheet
  • Temperature Control? Yes
  • Materials PLA, ABS
  • Print Untethered? SD card, OctoPrint compatible
  • Onboard controls? Yes
  • Host Software Repetier-Host
  • Slicer Slic3r
  • OS Mac, Windows, Linux
  • Open Software? Third-party software
  • Open Hardware? No

Print-Rite CoLiDo image
The leveling script doesn’t work properly, level the bed by hand.
Low-cost, tinkerer-friendly Replicator clone that runs G-code, has a glass build plate

Print-Rite’s CoLiDo 3D Printer is a MakerBot Replicator clone with a twist — it runs G-code instead of .x3g files — allowing for slicer interchangeability.

Print-Rite provided Slic3r profiles whose prints scored well on the Overhangs and Tolerance tests. The LCD interface allows adjusting settings on the fly — great for experimenting and fine-tuning.

It’s a good machine for hackers to tinker with. It has a solid gantry with very little backlash and although it’s single extrusion, it has a dual-extruder motor mount. The heated aluminum print bed is leveled with four wing nuts and comes with glass sheets that are held on with two binder clips. The extruder uses metal parts and has a spring-loaded bearing to tension the filament against the drive gear. Prints are great when printing with its included filament but I had jamming issues when printing with Ultimachine’s PLA, and there is no active cooling fan.

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