The Idosyncratic Products of Stern Design Works

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The Idosyncratic Products of Stern Design Works


Rebecca and Cameron Stern of Stern Design Works create jewelry, sculptures, and toys through a mix of traditional metalsmithing, 3D printing, hand painting, mixed mediums, and plant derived epoxy resin, but what makes their work especially unique are the stories behind them. For instance, an organic chemist asked them to create a 3D printed necklace depicting the molecular lattice structure of a diamond for his wife, y’know, like an actual diamond necklace, but more thoughtful.


One of their little 3D printed sculptures features a portrait of Émile Durkheim, which a sociologist friend of theirs had them create on a dare.


They also incorporate aspects of their personal lives into their works. Cameron designed some of their 3D printed animal sculptures on his iPad while he was at the zoo with their daughter.

They’re nestled in the Bust Craftacular pop-up shopping festival for the rest of the day if you want to stop by and find out the stories behind some of their other works!

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