This Clever 3D Print Turns Thumbstick to A Steering Wheel

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This Clever 3D Print Turns Thumbstick to A Steering Wheel

Clever and functional 3D printing is always so satisfying to see. This 3D printed assembly allows you to use a little steering wheel for racing games. Sure, it isn’t as nice as a full-blown steering wheel that you could purchase, but it actually seems like it might be pretty nice of an improvement over simply using the thumb stick to drive.

Thingiverse user Pixel2 posted the files so you can print your own. They also posted this on reddit and included this interesting FAQ.




Finer control for racing games. Useless for other games.


What about the right stick and D-pad?

D-pad works ok for people with thin fingers, 17mm gap. If you need more space make a taller wheel. There is limited real estate on the controller. You lose the right stick (looking around while driving) but apexing on the Nordschleife is more satisfying.


The “X” and “A” are blocked!?

Truth be told I’m a filthy casual who drives automatic transmission. I’m sorry I neglected your clutch button. You could probably offset the rack to the left, problem solved. As for the “A” it only looks covered in the gif. I have it mapped to handbrake and it gets lots of use in Dirt Rally.


The movement is sloppy, you need to X…

There has to be a certain amount of play for the wheel to return to the neutral position on it’s own.


Will it break with heavy use?

No parts have failed after 6 weeks of use. If you slam it full lock left and right the frame shifts a little bit on the controller and parts flex without breaking. And hey, you have a 3D printer to make more parts.


Did you cross post to X…

I’ll leave it to you guys.


Is there a PS4 version?

I tried but the position of the left stick makes it difficult. Someone here will figure it out.


Is there a Xbox 360 version?

The first prototype was on a 360 controller with a bearing hot glued to it. Then the focus shifted to the Xbox one. So no 360 version.


I don’t have a printer but I want one?

There are plenty people with printers willing to help you out. The license is non-commercial but I don’t care if someone sells a few. If you get rich, cut me a check:)



Random notes:

I drive with two thumbs. Just too lazy to set up the tripod for the gif.

This is a work in progress. There is plenty of room for improvement. It will be cool to see what modifications people dream up.

Much like Pixel2, I’m curious what mods people will come up with for this. Interestingly, using microsoft’s co-pilot system which allows you to use multiple controllers for a single player, you could also print a rig to do gas/brake pedals!

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