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Nutty tinkerer and the inside of the A6 v.1.0.
Nutty tinkerer and the inside of the A6 v.1.0.


What’s cooler than a paintball gun? How about a gun that fires the most lethal of all 21st Century weapons- paper airplanes. That’s right folks, feast your eyes on the paper airplane gun!

One tinkerer is very serious about his paper airplane game. So serious, in fact, that he developed a gun that actually takes standard 8.5 x 11 in computer paper and folks it into quality paper airplanes that soar through the air, neutralizing every enemy within two feet.

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The gun itself is about the size of rocket launcher. It was built using a series of store-bought and 3D-printed parts. The inside of the gun features a number of rollers and grooves, which fold flat pieces of paper to make them strategically aerodynamic. The outside of the gun is possibly made from flat sheets of metal and marked “A6 v1.0,” for the airplane gun, version 1.0, of course.

The maker behind the project is keeping his lips sealed, but a video featuring the gun in action is currently available on YouTube. The gun can fold and fire paper airplanes in about two sections a pop, so watch out backyard gamers – these are dangerous patches of grass.

To see more of the nutty tinkerer’s work, head over to his papierfliegerei website but be forewarned, it’s entirely in German.


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