CAD In Blender Is Here

CAD In Blender Is Here

From what I understand, there have been ways of doing CAD in Blender, but recently CAD Sketcher has been released to the public which really opens up Blender to do some fancy CAD stuff.

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A great demo from Maker Tales on Youtube

for those who are unfamiliar, let me break down why this is important.

Typically CAD or Computer Aided Drafting has been quite different than the standard modeling you would do in something like Blender. There’s a lot of overlap, so I won’t go into a ton of detail but the biggest distinguishing factor between the two has been accurate measurements when creating a model.

For example, if you wanted two 5mm holes to be 20mm apart, that would be the most elementary of tasks in CAD but in Blender you would have to do a few workarounds to try to get the results you want. This plugin hopes to bridge that gap allowing you to use the massively powerful, and free, blender to get the results you need.

Keep in mind, this isn’t a full CAD replacement. There are certainly benefits to using a full fledged CAD system but with the huge amount of people who are already familiar with Blender, this add-on should really open some doors.

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