Easel Pro Launches for Fast, Easy, Commercial CNC Project Making

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Easel Pro Launches for Fast, Easy, Commercial CNC Project Making

Inventables, makers of the X-Carve and Carvey CNC router machines, has played a big part in helping drive hobbyist usage of CNC tools with the launch of their simple CAD/CAM web app Easel. Since the app’s launch in 2014, the company has watched its user base expand, and now reports that it has had two million logins and been used for one million “carves” in 2017. They’re also seeing that Easel is now supporting a fast-growing number of maker pros — and to facilitate that segment, Inventables is launching Easel Pro, an expanded paid service that adds new features to add speed and flexibility to professional projects.

At launch, those features are an expanded font collection (“hundreds of fonts”), and the ability to use v-bits for sign making and other fast routing projects — something that founder Zach Kaplan tells Make: is one of the key industries he’s seeing his tools used in. He notes that there are more robust but complex services available to users, but is focusing Easel Pro on allowing users to quickly learn and utilize the software to maximize their throughput time on each order they receive.

The Pro version also allows for the ability to change feed rates mid-cut. Additional upcoming features are promised as well.

The service will cost $19.99 monthly, or $156 for a one-year agreement. Inventables CNC machine customers can use it free for four days a month (they’ll let you break those four days apart as needed), and it will be free for students and educators. Easel standard will remain free.

Inventables has produced a video profile of one of its professional users to go along with the announcement. It’s sweet. Watch below.

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