This Hack Turns Your 3D Printer into a Full-Color Candy Machine

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This Hack Turns Your 3D Printer into a Full-Color Candy Machine


We’ve been talking about full color 3D printing for years. We’ve announced printers specifically built for the purpose of printing in color and even printing in sugar, but we have yet to see these machines appearing on desktops out in the community. Well, there is another option out there. Thanks to the hard work of Aad van der Geest, you can modify your home printer to do full color prints, and even full color candy!

The system, called the Colorpod, requires a bit of hacking to get working. It isn’t quite a plug and play replacement, but as you can see in the video, it works!

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To get this working on your printer you’ll need to purchase his controller board. He’s also shared all the files necessary to 3D print the mounting brackets for the HP ink cartridges.  Just to give you a feel for how much work is involved with this conversion, here are the full directions.

He offers two versions: one with specific parts for printing in color, or another for printing in food safe materials. Note, that if you want to print candy, you also need to supply a vacuum pump, or follow his simple directions to build your own.


This may be messy and it may be difficult to install, but it is definitely incredible and we would love to see what people make with it!


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