Get Medieval With a 3D Printed Crossbow

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Get Medieval With a 3D Printed Crossbow

There comes a time in just about everyone’s life when you realize “I could really do with a crossbow right about now.” Whether you’re trying to knock down some cans from across the room, or build up your arsenal for inter-cubicle skirmishes in the office, there’s nothing like a crossbow for cool factor of bridging old world combat and modern warfare. And thanks to the designs offered by CCCanyon on Thingiverse, you can print up your very own. You’ll just need some additional M2 and M3 screws, some fishing line, the spring from a ballpoint pen, and as much PLA filament as needed to get the job done. It looks like this design fires pretty strongly, so please don’t actually shoot it at anyone.

Head over to CCCanyon’s Thingiverse page and get printing. The enemy is almost at the gates.


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