Designing Sninges in Laser Cut Acrylic

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Designing Sninges in Laser Cut Acrylic


I’ve been seeing this “zig-zag” living hinge technique all over the web since we covered snijlab’s apparent invention of the method six weeks ago.  “Snijlab-style living hinges” is kind of a mouthful, and since it looks like the idea is here to stay, I humbly offer “sninges” as the obvious, handy portmanteau.

Anyway, we’ve covered designs using sninges a couple of times, already, but so far I haven’t seen much detailed discussion.  Enter Make: reader Kevin Gunn, who’s just published this handy guide describing his own experience to date with designing laser-cut sninges in 1/4″ acrylic.  [Thanks, Kevin!]

8 thoughts on “Designing Sninges in Laser Cut Acrylic

  1. Tonisha Parra says:

    If you require to make a under the trees corner in your conservatory, using colorless Perspex sheeting is one of the most excellent and most inexpensive option.

    Posted by: Tonisha Parra | Acrylic sheet Perth

  2. Yoni Kaplan says:

    Is the first example of this actually from Snij? I have had successes with it building boxes from 1/2″ plywood. Are there similar patterns used in manufacturing and architecture?

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