Glowforge Has Come To Maker Faire With News

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Glowforge Has Come To Maker Faire With News

Maker Faire alumni Glowforge is back to show off their much talked about laser cutting system, and they have come with the news their backers have been waiting for. They are in production and are shipping units to backers.

Glowforge ran a very successful pre-order back in 2015, raising more than $45 million. Like many other startups, the Glowforge team has run into numerous delays, resulting in many detractors worrying if they could deliver.

I spoke with Dan Shapiro, the founder of Glowforge, who informed me that for the first time, the units they brought to Maker Faire were actual production run machines and that they were excited to announce at Maker Faire that their full production runs had begun and they were starting to ship units to backers.

Earlier this year, we were excited to get a hold of one of the early units and put it through its paces. The results were great and showed even more potential for the possibilities for this new crop of camera-based laser cutters.

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