Now That’s an Enclosure

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Now That’s an Enclosure

I imagine Instructables user hellboy started out looking for a subtle, understated case design to show off his single-digit Nixie tube clock called CYCLOPS. Something well-crafted but minimal, and very modern, that would highlight the function of the device while tastefully eschewing decoration for its own sake.

And then he thought: Screw that. You only live once.

I heartily approve. Moderation, as Robert Heinlein wrote, is for monks. [Thanks, Lee!]


8 thoughts on “Now That’s an Enclosure

  1. Andrew Tweddle says:


  2. The Doctor says:

    I’m fairly certain I had one of these in the TARDIS once…

  3. Jack Edjourian says:

    This is awesome…thank you for sharing my clock with others….

  4. Lee says:


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