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Over-Engineered Ringbox


What do you get when you have a CNC router and your significant other has a beautiful ring that needs to be stored? Possibly this extremely engineered ring box. The video below shows how it works, but be sure to check out the video at the bottom of the build process.

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As the author puts it in the original Reddit post: “I had never touched a CNC machine or 3d modeling software. Probably not the best project for me to learn on, but it all worked out!” I would have to agree, especially considering that he claims this took over 500 hours of work and more than 30 hours of machine time.

In addition to the newly-acquired CNC skills, he (or his girlfriend) seems to be pretty handy with a chainsaw! Having done much smaller projects myself where I was able to chop down a tree, then finish what I wanted to build out of it on a machine-tool, this kind of process is extremely satisfying. On the other hand, I’d have to assume he didn’t forge his own aluminum for this box, but I suppose that’s acceptable.

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After reading some of the original Reddit comments, it appears the builder’s significant other is now classified as “fiance.” Congratulations to him on the accepted proposal, as well as making something awesome!

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