Register Now for Tormach’s Weekend of Training and Machining Fun

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Register Now for Tormach’s Weekend of Training and Machining Fun
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This August, Tormach, the makers of CNC mills and lathes, will be hosting an interesting event. The Tormach Tech Days, happening on August 4th and 5th, are a mixture of training and show and tell. There will be people there who are highly respected in the community, such as John Saunders from NYCCNC, The Hacksmith, Ray Billings from Battlebots, and Robert Cowan, all discussing CNC machining in various forms. The event is thrown by Tormach to showcase what their equipment can do and help grow the community.

Friday is when the classes are happening. There are 3 tracts being offered: the Mill workshop, the Lathe workshop, and the CAM workshop. This kind of training can be invaluable to get on your feet or learn new tricks. Classes like this can be pretty hard to find as well, so this is a somewhat rare opportunity. Each one of the classes is $195 and offers both a passive classroom type experience and actual hands-on training. Even if you’re not planning to use Tormach equipment, this is a fantastic opportunity to have experts guide you through actual methods and setup, which you can carry on to real-world workshop use.

Saturday’s showcase is completely free, but you must register. You can’t just walk up to the doors and expect to get in. On Saturday, you’ll see the cool things that some of the shops and makers are creating using CNC mills and lathes. You’ll get to hear some talks, which are always informative. There will also be seminars on machine maintenance, job shop tips, workholding, and more.

I’m not sure if I can make it up to Waunakee Wisconsin for the gathering this year, but I certainly hope so! I could certainly use the help improving my techniques. Reserve your spot, and maybe I’ll see you there.

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