New X-Carve CNC Router Bulks Up for Advanced Usage

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New X-Carve CNC Router Bulks Up for Advanced Usage

Last May, we spotted what looked like an updated version of Inventable’s X-Carve at a Maker Faire meetup in San Mateo. The company was tight lipped about the machine, but has now made it official.

Check out the beefier gantry, said to improve performance under cutting stresses by at least 250%. A plug-and-play Z-probe detects material thickness automatically. And there’s now an included sideboard with a 5x-as-powerful X-Controller. This looks good for pushing through heartier materials.

Inventables’ founder Zach Kaplan tells us that other updates include:


  • Belts — We now have simple plastic fittings
  • Hardware — We got rid of all eccentric nuts and use eccentric spacers with locking hardware
  • Pulleys — Pulleys are permanently mounted
  • Wiring — Now fully connectorized “plug and play”
  • Plugs — Removed all crimping and soldering
  • Drag chain —  Now has 2x the area and has openable links in case you want to make changes

Price ranges from $880 to $1,400 depending on size and feature selection.

Inventables commissioned the following two projects, built with X-Carve: A custom spiral staircase, and a DIY concrete firepit.

Look for our review coming up, and keep your eyes open later this year for our annual “digital fabrication” issue of Make: magazine.


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