Freak Out Your Friends with These 6 Spooky Drone Mods

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Freak Out Your Friends with These 6 Spooky Drone Mods

Drones, or more properly “multicopters,” can be lots of fun. They are entertaining when flown in a traditional manner, but when dressed up (or towing) a halloween prop, things get much crazier. Check out these six drones in action creeping the neighbors out!

Ghost Quadcopter

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This video is literally called “Ghost Quadcopter,” and is probably exactly what you expect this type of device to be. It’s a ghost costume attached to a quadcopter, with the motor pods sticking out on four sides. Although the daylight use gives us a good view of how it’s assembled, harassing traffic like this is a really bad idea!

Sky-Towing a Grim Reaper

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If you were to see this in your own neighborhood, how this “Grim Reaper” flies through the air isn’t readily apparent. If you watch the video, however, it explains that it is actually a hexacopter with a piece of fishing line attached to the apparition. Quite clever, and quite hard to tell what makes it fly!

Taxidermied Cat Quadcopter

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Although not meant as a Halloween decoration, this taxidermied cat attached around a quadcopter frame would definitely freak me out. It’s definitely creative, but certainly not for everyone!

Nighttime Light-Up Ghost Quadcopter

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This quadcopter ghost is set up much like the first one above. The light inside of it is good for low-light navigation, and since it’s flown at night, it would be difficult to distinguish from a “real” ghost!

Flying Clown

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This flying clown appears to work in a very similar manner to the towed Grim Reaper. It, however, is a clown, which may be more or less scary to you. I thought it was especially interesting that around 0:25 in the video, the dog’s attention is given to the multicopter, at first ignoring the closer “clown.”

Trick or Drone

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If you’ve been thinking about using a drone to scare trick-or-treaters, this video may give you a preview of what’s in store. First, daylight visitors arrive, and are marginally scared or even amused. At around 2:30 in the video, the ghost-drone use during darkness is shown. The resulting fear level is quite a bit different!

[via Dronelife]

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