C Is For Capacitor: Adafruit Educates

C Is For Capacitor: Adafruit Educates

When it comes to educating youngsters and beginners at to the functions and uses of electronic components, the material can be quite dry. Explaining amps versus volts to my 8-year-old son is much like getting me to read tax documentation. His eyes glaze over and I can see that my words are just kind of being reduced to background noise around his head.

Adafruit is taking an interesting approach to try to get around this mental roadblock. They’ve created a few learning tools to attempt to capture the attention of young impressionable minds. They started with a coloring book called E Is For Electronics, which is free to download and share. After that, they’ve been producing these adorable educational videos, going through each component and establishing a solid foundation of knowledge.

They’ve only done 3 so far, “A is for Ampere“, “B is for Battery“, and “C is for Capacitor”. Each component has its own adorable character and personality. You follow along in the video as Adabot, the curious robot, gets introduced to each one and they tell their story, covering their function and use. The videos are lighthearted and feel right at home with Sesame Street or Mister Rogers.

As long as they keep this production quality up, I say they take all the time they need to go through the alphabet!


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